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Ailey Arts in Education "Revelations" Workshop

Ailey Arts in Education & Community Programs has announced an inspiring new virtual series that expands the distance learning activities available to schools and organizations seeking alternatives to in-person dance classes and residencies, supplements to physical education offerings, or to provide an engaging after-school activity for students. Launch during Black History Month as Alvin Ailey's Signature American Masterpiece Revelations marks six decades, Revelations The Virtual Dance Workshop Series continues Ailey's mission to use dance to inspire, enlighten and entertain people of all backgrounds and ages.

Nasha Thomas and Michael Thomas teach the Revelations virtual dance workshop series.  Photo courtesy of Ailey.
Nasha Thomas and Michael
Thomas teaching the revelations
Virtual dance workshop series.
Photo courtesy of Ailey.

Designed for middle school students, Revelations The Virtual Dance Workshop Series combines dance with poetry, history, music and more to create a foundation for artistic exploration that will enhance any student's academic experience. Led by master teachers and former members of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre Nasha Thomas and Michael Thomas, the series is adapted from the popular Revelations: an interdisciplinary approach program, using Alvin Ailey's signature work as an inspirational framework for a comprehensive study of language arts, social studies and dance.

Don Bellamy, Renee Robinson and Nasha Thomas in Alvin Ailey's "Revelations."  Photo by Jack Mitchell.
Don Bellamy, Renee Robinson and
Nasha Thomas in Alvin Ailey
Photo by Jack Mitchell.

With over 20 years of experience teaching the program, Nasha combines her passion for educating young people with her personal experiences on stage. Revelations with the company to create a virtual experience for students that engages creativity and critical thinking while introducing them to the work and life of Alvin Ailey in the context of American history.

In addition, Ailey Arts In Education & Community Programs already offers the AileyDance Kids Video Library residency package, designed for students in grades K-12 in a variety of mediums such as ballet, West African, jazz/hip hop, lecture demonstrations and more. Led by Ailey Arts in Education teaching artists and musicians, each residency package includes five lessons that can be implemented during a class period, seamlessly merging the fun and energy of in-school dance classes with online learning.

Rachel Watson-Jih teaches the AileyDance Kids virtual residency.  Photo courtesy of Ailey.
Rachel Watson-Jih teaches AileyDance
Virtual residence for children.
Photo courtesy of Ailey.

Live remote residences and Custom Pre-Registered Residences are also available via distance learning activities. The artists and musicians who teach at Ailey Arts In Education encourage students to practice imagination, resilience, and joy while learning fundamental dance vocabulary and dynamic original choreography in the safety of their socially remote homes or classrooms.

Ailey Arts In Education remains committed to providing quality dance education and empowering students to take, do, and see dance, in whatever way possible. Aligned with the NYC DOE Master Plan for Dance and the New York State Learning Standards for the Arts, Ailey Arts In Education provides a safe physical, emotional, and creative outlet for students of all ages and backgrounds.

For more information on distance learning activities, visit To schedule or purchase distance learning activities, contact Cathryn Williams, Director of Ailey Arts In Education & Community Programs at

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