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6 des routines les plus remplies d'amour de l'histoire de "So You Think You Can Dance"

Lorsque Tanairi Vazquez a été choisie pour sa toute première publicité pour le Super Bowl, elle n'avait aucune idée qu'elle serait la star ou que Dolly Parton serait impliquée. Mais Vazquez était l'un des nombreux danseurs présentés dans la publicité Squarespace diffusée lors du Super Bowl de cette année, avec un remix de 2021 de la chanson à succès de la légende de la musique country "9 to 5."

The commercial, choreographed by New York City Ballet's Justin Peck, is Vazquez's first work since Broadway closed - until Broadway closed last year, she appeared in the Hamilton together. She plays the main accountant on location and feels that this role marks an important step in her career as a Latinx performer.

«C'est agréable de voir la polyvalence des Latinos aussi. Nous pouvons être des chefs de file», déclare Vazquez. "Pour moi, être dans une publicité nationale du Super Bowl – bonjour! C'est, pour moi, l'une des choses les plus importantes en tant qu'artiste."

Spirit of danceWhat was the pressure of being in a Super Bowl commercial?

Tanairi Vazquez: It's major. Millions of people are watching. I'was so upset, especially when people saw it on "Good Morning America." I woke up to so many texts, calls and Instagram notifications from people I know - and don't know. To be able to represent the arts right now on a platform as huge as the Super Bowl is incredible.

DSHow did you book the position?

TV: I had an audition through my sales agent. I knew it was for Squarespace, but I didn't know who was in it. I had no idea there was a celebrity involved.

For the audition, they sent me a video of Justin Peck demonstrating the choreography. The style was very Justin Peck - athletic, strong, with fast footwork. At the time, I was on vacation with my parents, so I learned the choreography at the Airbnb we were staying at. My mom recorded me doing it on concrete in the parking lot. So it was crazy.

Quelques jours plus tard, j'ai reçu un rappel disant qu'ils voulaient que je recommence, me demandant si je pouvais improviser pendant 30 ou 60 secondes. Ils m'ont également demandé de faire un peu de théâtre pour la partie comptable. J'ai donc fait une vidéo où j'ai refait la chorégraphie, et ajouté un petit quelque chose-quelque chose.

I received another reminder via Zoom. It was just to play the role of the accountant. The next day, I got the call. And they say: "Congratulations! We give you the role of the accountant!"

DSHow was the shooting process?

TV: We filmed this in early January. The whole experience was crazy. We had a car service to the airport. We flew to Nashville, where Dolly Parton lives, first class, and they put us up in a really nice hotel.

Nous y sommes arrivés et j'ai mis mon costume en place – c'est là que j'ai découvert que j'allais jouer un rôle principal dans cette publicité. Dieu merci, j'ai eu le lendemain de congé, car j'avais besoin de toute la journée pour le traiter. Je n'ai jamais été un chef de file dans quelque chose d'aussi gros. Justin était comme, "Surprise!"

DSWhat about COVID security protocols?

TV: We were tested every day and had to fill out a form each time before the tests. We also had our temperatures checked every day. The crew, makeup and wardrobe teams did it too.

Vazquez takes a selfie behind the scenes of the commercial shoot. She smiles at the camera from behind a transparent mask, in her hair, makeup and costume for the commercial. She is wearing a red tank top and her curly brown hair is loose around her face.

Vazquez behind the scenes of advertising (courtesy of Vazquez)

DSWhat was it like to return to work after being sidelined for almost a year due to the pandemic?

TV: I didn't feel safe. I wasn't on the set. I wasn't with bodies. I was doubting myself, like "Am I good enough?", because of what we went through.

Mais c'était une sensation incroyable quand nous avons eu notre première répétition. J'ai réalisé à quel point cela me manquait. Cela m'a donné de l'espoir.

DSWhat did booking this role mean to you?

TV: When I got on the set, I realized, "This is where I want to be." During this pandemic, there were times when I thought, "I don't know if I can do this job. Maybe I need to do something else." But the amount of love and support I've received since the ad launch has reinspired me to dream big and keep going.

My parents instilled that in me. They said, "You are Puerto Rican. You do your best. You can do what others can do."

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